Conor McGregor Could Be The Private Jet-Owning Working-Class Hero We Never Knew We Needed

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08.07.17 10 Comments

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Despite all of the bravado, sh*t talking, and arctic bear jackets, Conor McGregor puts on a custom made “f*ck you” suit like Superman puts on his cape. With just a few weeks to go until he steps into the ring with Floyd Mayweather, the story of the brash Irishman is coming into focus, not on his current madman persona, but on where he came from and his cerebral, if not offensive take on the business of fighting.

Conor McGregor came from nothing, and it’s been mentioned numerous times that just five years ago, Conor McGregor was collecting a welfare paycheck while working as a part-time plumber and a full-time fighter. He was just another one of those fighters you saw a clip of on Twitter, fighting in small arenas for smaller paychecks. Now he’s a superstar, but a recent exposé on McGregor in ESPN paints a picture of a man who has a private jet, but never left the mentality of a kid scraping by in Dublin, idolizing great martial artists.

McGregor flaunts his wealth so much you’d think his entire fighting career was based around making money, but the man has an incredible amount of pride from where he comes from and who he’s become.Irish boxer Michael Conlan said the difference between his public persona and private character was like: “chalk and cheese — complete opposites.” Speaking to his coach John Kavanaugh, McGregor boiled down the Mayweather fight in terms you won’t see on a poster: “I don’t give a f* about the money. This is Bruce Lee sh*t. This is the water filling the cup.”

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