Here’s All The Insane Video Footage From Conor McGregor’s UFC 223 Rampage

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The MMA world is in shock after UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor and his entourage stormed the Barclays Center and attacked a bus holding Khabib Nurmagomedov and his team. McGregor and his group threw chairs, garbage cans, and barricades at the bus, smashing a number of windows and sending fellow fighter Michael Chiesa to the hospital with cuts to his hand and face. UFC president Dana White called the bus attack incident with McGregor one of the most despicable incidents in the history of the UFC, and added the authorities are looking for McGregor.

Obviously, McGregor can’t go anywhere these days without people filming him, and the whole thing was captured on multiple cameras. We’ve compiled a bunch of those videos for you to see just how crazy things got in New York.

The catalyst for the incident? A showdown in the UFC fighter hotel earlier this week between Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor’s close friend and training partner Artem Lobov. Nurmagomedov and a team of about 10 men swarmed Lobov to force a confrontation. Khabib then grabbed Lobov by the neck and appeared to slap him a couple of times before walking away.

That run in happened on Tuesday. On Thursday, McGregor and a large posse of his friends arrived in Brooklyn during a UFC 223 media event and basically blitzed their way into the backstage area.

Here’s footage of McGregor seeming to start the altercation, throwing a dolly at the bus shuttling Team Khabib and several other fighter camps between the venue and their hotel.

The most seen footage from the fight comes via fighter Felice Herrig’s Snapchat, which shows McGregor ramming a metal barricade into the side of the bus before trying to grab a heavy metal garbage can.

And then there’s this footage from inside the bus that tracks McGregor as he attempts to throw the garbage can. You can hear chaos in the background as Khabib’s camp argues with the bus driver to let them off while other fighters are frantically asking UFC fighter Michael Chiesa if he’s okay. Chiesa was set to fight Anthony Pettis on the main card of UFC 223 but may not be able to due to cuts sustained in the frenzy.

Here’s more footage from inside the bus, with this footage staying near the front and showing someone arguing with the driver to let them off. Moments later, a huge smash can be heard as one of the windows was shattered, then the video pans around to show Chiesa covered in glass. As people realize it’s Conor attacking the bus, another item smashes through the front window.

Now you can watch the attack from the other fighter bus. This footage shows security trying to keep McGregor’s group away from the vehicle and then the sound of broken glass. You can hear Joanna Jedrzejczyk in the background reacting in shock.

Here’s a final look from the outside, showing the bus making a hasty reversal out of the parking garage as McGregor’s group continues to go after it. You can see an unidentified man in a grey hoodie throw the chair that goes through the bus’s front window.

And finally, here’s McGregor’s gang making a hasty escape out of the Barclays Center and loading into an SUV around the corner.

We’ll have more video and news on the incident as it comes out.