The ‘McGregor Challenge’ Has Pro Boxers And MMA Fans Flopping Their Arms Around Like Goofballs

First, there was Tebowing. Then, we planked. After that came the Harlem Shake, and for about two weeks, nothing was the same. Anything could happen at any time, and our videos on social media were undeniable. Every time the shark was jumped, the Fonz found a Cinnamon Challenge, or a Mannequin Challenge. Now, proving that Conor McGregor is combat sports, his silly warm-up ahead of his open workout for his battle against Floyd Mayweather has gone viral in the most ridiculous way.

It started with WBO, WBC and Ring welterweight champ Terence Crawford (dude was also the lightweight champion from 2014-2015) who is preparing to unify his belts with Julio Indongo’s WBA and IBF titles this weekend. From there, it took off. Now everyone’s jiggling their arms.

Some, are doing it better than others.

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Not only does this prove that anything McGregor does can go viral, but it also proves that McGregor is really easy to mock. The pool noodle incident, the “touch butt in the park” comment by Nate Diaz, “you’ll do nuttin'” and so many other McGregorisms have not only cemented his place in popular culture, but they’ve highlighted how funny McGregor can unintentionally be.

Sadly, unlike most of these “challenges,” the McGregor challenge isn’t doing much to raise awareness or money for anything other than his fight with Mayweather. It’s still damn funny, though.

The only regret here is not having McGregor walk into the gym, do his arm boogie for 30 minutes, then walk out while muttering “you’ll do nuttin'” under his breath.