Conor McGregor Denies Being A Racist: ‘I Don’t Even See Color’

Contributing Writer
07.14.17 20 Comments

An ugly shadow has fallen over the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor World Tour as accusations of racism continue to swirl around McGregor. The brash Irish UFC champ has a history of dropping occasional racially charged comments in his smack with other fighters, referring to Nate Diaz as a ‘cholo’ and suggesting he’d put Brazilian slums ‘to the sword’ when he fought Jose Aldo.

He raised the hackles of some for calling Mayweather ‘boy’ during the first two Word Tour press conferences, but things really heated up earlier this week when a video surfaced that seemed to show Conor referring to black boxers in Rocky III as ‘dancing monkeys.’ That, and McGregor ‘addressing the race’ at World Tour stop number three had Floyd Mayweather saying he’d crossed the line.

Afterward, McGregor talked some more about the situation with the media, and he left a lot of the bluster that the World Tour has been known for behind.

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