Conor McGregor Denies His Controversial ‘Dancing Monkeys’ Comment Had Anything To Do With Race

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Things have been heating up in the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight, and not in a good way. Race keeps coming up surrounding the match, not all that surprising considering the current state of the US. Some pretty borderline things were said between Mayweather and McGregor during their four date World Tour, but one major issue Mayweather has raised several times over the past weeks was the accusation that Conor called black people ‘monkeys’ in a Jimmy Kimmel Live segment.

Now McGregor is answering back, and he claims that the ‘monkeys’ comment wasn’t referring to black people at all.

“He asked me would I beat Rocky, and I said ‘what Rocky?'” McGregor recounted in a one on one interview with MMA Fighting. “And he said Rocky 3, and I was like ‘Is Rocky 3 the one with the gym with the circus and the monkeys?’ Because he had a specialized gym built that was like a circus, a celebrity circus, there was clowns, there was all this kind of stuff. And that’s what I meant by that.

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