Watch Conor McGregor Fans Get A Rise Out Of Paulie Malignaggi At Last Night’s Weigh Ins

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Those watching the Mayweather vs. McGregor weigh-ins on Friday afternoon may have been surprised to see Conor McGregor’s former sparring partner Paulie Malignaggi sitting behind the Showtime commentary desk for the broadcast. Malignaggi and McGregor have been feuding over the weeks leading up to this fight, ever since Conor released pictures of him beating up Paulie in training. As if that wasn’t already awkward enough, Malignaggi is a longtime fight analyst for Showtime, and he’ll be calling the fight Saturday night.

Many thought that was inappropriate considering Malignaggi’s behavior towards McGregor at the ‘Grand Arrivals’ event on Tuesday. The outrage meter went through the roof for Irish fans when a video surfaced of Floyd Mayweather implying Malignaggi was a spy in McGregor’s camp. But despite online outrage, Malignaggi’s job on the mic has remained safe, and he was at the weigh-ins for Showtime.

But just because Showtime has been okay with his actions over fight week, it doesn’t mean Conor McGregor’s fans are. Watch this video of Malignaggi getting harassed by Irish fans to the point where he almost trips over his headset trying to get at them.

We doubt this will be the last run in Paulie has with McGregor’s fans, who have by all accounts taken over Las Vegas leading up to this Mayweather vs. McGregor superfight. The extra press that generates may suit Malignaggi just fine. The boxer has been trying to whip up interest in a fight with McGregor after the Mayweather fight in New York for St. Patrick’s Day. Thus far McGregor hasn’t seemed all that interested. But depending on how Saturday goes against Floyd, Malignaggi may be a decent option for boxing redemption should Conor desire to keep fighting in a ring rather than a cage.