Dana White Believes Conor McGregor Will Be ‘The Biggest Star In Sports Ever’ If He Knocks Out Floyd Mayweather

Despite Conor McGregor currently having better odds to beat Floyd Mayweather than Andre Berto, Miguel Cotto, and Marcos Maidana (whom he took a majority decision against), no one is giving McGregor a chance to win this fight. Mayweather is older, likely slower and hasn’t seen live action in more than two years, but the boxing ring is his home, and McGregor is simply visiting. But still, Mystic Mac’s hype grows, with most bettors putting money on him. Maybe the mural of Mac knocking out Mayweather in his gym has swayed some opinions?

One guy who refuses to doubt McGregor, especially after all of McGregor’s predictions (beyond the first Diaz fight) have come true, is Dana White. The UFC president has backed up his dude on multiple occasions, but even he knows taking out Mayweather is a tall order. But if McGregor does it. If he can pull it off

“Listen, if McGregor knocks him out he’ll be the biggest star in sports ever. If Mayweather turns this thing into a track meet and runs away from him, whatever happens, I don’t know.”

Of course, “biggest star in sports ever” is a quite the claim, but Dana White also said the UFC would be bigger than soccer at some point. Hyperbole (and the sideways track meet comment when McGregor got on his bicycle in the second Diaz fight) aside, White may have a point. If Mac pulls this off, he’s killed the king. Combat sports isn’t completely analogous to Highlander, but you better believe if McGregor is able to take the head of Mayweather, he’s the king of boxing as well as MMA for as long as he sticks around.

(Via FOX Sports)