Conor McGregor Is Under Investigation For Posting A Photo With A Gun

conor mcgregor
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In what could be worrisome news for UFC and Conor McGregor, Irish police are investigating the featherweight champion for this photo he posted to his Instagram account on Thursday:

Put the fight game in the bag and step away from the vehicle.

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It wouldn’t even pass as strange in the U.S., where people can just hang out in Walmart with their AKs, but gun laws in Ireland are much more strict and severe. An Irish police spokesperson said of the image, “We are investigating the circumstances under which the photo was taken.”

It would come as a surprise if anything meaningful came of this. Even if Ireland handles these things differently than the United States, McGregor is still one of the country’s most famous athletes, and one Instagram post does not make a criminal case. Still, though, if something does come out of this by, say, March 5, it would put a significant damper on what would otherwise promise to be one of the greatest UFC cards ever. Maybe Chad Mendes would be willing to jump a weight class to fill in again.

Regardless of whether he actually gets punished for it, riding around pointing very large guns is never a good idea, as fun as it sounds. Conor needs to chill if he wants a smooth ride to UFC 197.

(Via Fox Sports Asia)