Conor McGregor Appears To Use A Homophobic Slur Repeatedly In Front Of Cameras At UFC Fight Night

MMA superstar Conor McGregor was captured by cameras repeatedly uttering a homophobic slur at Saturday’s UFC Fight Night show in Poland. BroBible reports that UFC Europe’s Twitter shared footage of the incident as did BT Sport’s official BTSport UFC Twitter. (These tweets have since been deleted.)

McGregor, who was warned to settle down during today’s contest between Andre Fili and Mac’s teammate Artem Lobov, attempted to console Lobov after his loss to Fili. McGregor was caught repeatedly saying something to the effect that Fili was a “f*ggot” and everyone knew he was a f*ggot.” How this makes someone feel better, I don’t know.

Lobov, who has a record of 2-4 in UFC competition, suggested after the fight that he’ll be leaving the sport. As is the case with any fighter musing or making proclamations after a contest, be sure to take Lobov’s comments on his status with a grain of salt.

It’s unclear how or if the UFC will respond to McGregor’s use of the slur. The promotion’s marquee star is no stranger to accusations of insensitivity and footage like this raises questions on what the UFC will permit publicly and privately from its star attractions. In September, anti-gay slurs flew in a UFC 216 media event featuring Tony Ferguson and Fabricio Werdum. How the company responds McGregor is likely to reflect the company’s attitude as a whole.

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