Conor McGregor Penned A Heartfelt And Important Letter Following The Tragic Death Of Fighter Joao Carvalho

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04.12.16 3 Comments

Conor McGregor is known as a brash and admittedly uncaring fighter, who is about the money rather than the glory or the respect that some martial artists seek during their time in the cage. But the Conor McGregor persona is markedly different than Conor McGregor the martial artist.

Conor McGregor the martial artist accepted government assistance from Ireland as he struggled to make his way in the dangerous and violent world of MMA, and like Chael Sonnen, he may have a big mouth to sell his fights, but he knows the risks and struggles each fighter goes through to step into a cage. He has seen the highs and the lows, and if tragedy were to strike, the fighter who wears his heart on his sleeve wouldn’t hesitate to share his feelings and give support. Sadly, that type of tragedy struck.

Over the weekend, Portuguese fighter Joao Carvalho died 48 hours after losing via TKO to Charlie Ward, one of McGregor’s teammates, in a Total Extreme Fighting event in Dublin. Carvalho was checked on between rounds by the referee and doctor, who cleared him each time. Reports indicate that the medical staff was efficient and careful in their attending to Carvalho, which makes this horrible event even more painful.

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