The Internet Was Stunned Following Conor McGregor’s Devastating 13-Second Knockout Of Jose Aldo

Conor McGregor called it: he said he would beat Jose Aldo, Jr. with a first round knockout. Nobody believed him of course, mostly because Aldo hadn’t lost a competitive fight in close to a decade. Also because Conor says a lot of crazy, stupid things that everyone takes with a grain of salt.

But it happened, Conor shocked the world with a stunning one-punch knockout, sending Aldo to the mat with a devastating left hook that caught him right in the chin. The fight was over in 13 seconds, faster than any Ronda Rousey bout. The crowd went crazy, there was complete pandemonium as Irish fans celebrated with an overly excited McGregor who produced this GIF-able (and possibly NSFW) moment on top of the cage.

And of course Twitter weighed in. Boy did they weigh in. Notable names with fellow fighters Miesha Tate and CM Punk below.

Then the memes rolled in because how would Twitter exist without crying Jordan plastered all over this fight.

So who was at the Conor McGregor party?

Finally, the most straightforward, profound tweet of the night: