Conor McGregor Jumps The Cage At An Irish Bellator Event And Goes After A Referee

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11.10.17 3 Comments

Bellator was probably quite happy to have international superstar Conor McGregor attending their Irish event, and maybe they still are, but McGregor jumping the cage and going after ref Marc Goddard isn’t a good look for Bellator, the UFC or MMA as a whole. Conor McGregor does what he wants, and it’s becoming a problem.

Witnesses say McGregor jumped the cage to celebrate a first-round victory with his teammate Charlie Ward, but Marc Goddard — who sent McGregor back to his seat after illegally trying to corner his other teammate Artem Lobov last month — removed him from the cage, and McGregor went off. Obviously, this can’t be done. It just can’t. McGregor was ejected from the building after making his teammate’s victory about himself, and considering the commission that oversees Bellator also works with UFC, there could be a suspension looming for all we know. Lesser men have been cut for even touching a ref.

Here are a few more angles to the madness:

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