Mystic Mac Strikes Again: Conor McGregor Turned Down A Role In The Flop ‘King Arthur’

05.16.17 11 months ago

Getty Image / Warner Bros.

Conor McGregor has a knack for making wise career decisions. He’s single-handedly gone from a relative unknown in Ireland to one of the biggest UFC stars in history in just a few short years, parlaying his success (without ever defending one of the two titles he historically won) into starring roles in blockbuster games such as Call of Duty. He’s even manifesting a matchup that no one ever thought would ever be possible — a fight against Floyd Mayweather.

In short, Conor McGregor knows what he’s doing. So maybe it’s a case of Mystic Mac correctly predicting that King Arthur, which only made roughly $45 million against its $150 million budget, would be a flop. Or, maybe it was scheduling? The Mystic Mac angle is way more fun.

Either way, McGregor’s essence made it into Guy Ritchie’s film, as the director based Arthur’s fighting style off McGregor.

Preparing for the action scenes [in King Arthur], we watched a lot of McGregor fight footage because his style was what we were after. That very intense, singular, lightning fast, juggernaut trademark technique was perfect and we modeled Arthur’s physicality on that.

McGregor was also linked to playing a role in Game of Thrones, but that turned out to be a rumor.

(Via Bleacher Report)

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