Now That He’s Done The Money Fight, Conor McGregor Plans To ‘Legitimize The Title’

10.01.17 2 years ago

Conor McGregor is a man with options. That much became clear listening to him talk at a special ‘Evening With Conor McGregor’ event in Glasgow, Scotland on Friday night. The UFC lightweight champion went through a proverbial Rolodex of potential opponents from Nate Diaz to Khabib Nurmagomedov to Georges St-Pierre to any boxer foolish enough to cross over and fight him in the Octagon.

Then there’s the winner of the interim lightweight title fight between Tony Ferguson and Kevin Lee at UFC 216 on October 7th. McGregor has been getting a lot of flack for winning titles in the UFC but never defending them. In November it will be a year since he took the 155 pound belt, and Conor admits it’s finally time to ‘legitimize’ it.

“Look, I’ve got the UFC title to defend and that means something to me. I will defend that world title,” McGregor said (quotes via MMA Fighting). “Nate is there. He’s trying to come in here and make all of these demands. If he starts pricing himself out of an event, I probably will defend against the person who wins this interim belt, or someone along that line to legitimize it again.”

“I’ve already gone from the highest of the high in terms of a money fight. Now the question I always get is about defending the belt and legitimizing the sport and the rankings. Maybe now it would be a good time for me to go and do that and shut that side up.”

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