Nate Diaz And Conor McGregor Have A UFC 202 Media Appearance Without Incident For Once

UFC 202’s fight week has already lived up to insanity expected of Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz 2, and now we move on to the final bits of media before the two fighters face off on Thursday, then weigh-in on Friday, with this UFC Tonight appearance. These are likely the last, focused moments before fists fly (even at the face-off and weigh-ins). We get a look at Nate, making cryptic comments about his rising star while the former owners of the UFC move on with their billions, and we get Conor, who is also digging into his usual bag of tricks.

To Nate Diaz’s credit, he’s been saying the same things he’s been saying since he started fighting in the UFC years ago. Nothing has changed. That’s led to some relatively “boring” interviews, considering he’s repeating himself fairly consistently leading up to UFC 202, but you can’t blame the guy. He’s got his blinders on. In 209 terms, he knows what’s up.

Of course, Conor was his usual, goofy and aloof self. He seemed more “on” than when he visited SportsCenter dropping F-bombs earlier in the evening.

There’s no doubt that Conor is still extremely confident for this fight. He believes he can still touch Nate with his left hand, and he believes that he’s worked on his weaknesses which were exposed back at UFC 196. Here’s his full visit:

Now let’s sit back and marvel at the fact that this was probably the first media appearance by Nate and Conor that didn’t devolve into a complete sh*t show.