Conor McGregor Posted A Video Mocking All The Smack His Past Opponents Have Thrown At Him

Contributing Writer

There’s a familiar pattern we’ve noticed when it comes to smack talk coming from Conor McGregor’s opponents. Leading up to the fight, they dismiss his accomplishments and skills and accuse him of being a jester or a joke. Then they end up in the cage with him and he beats the crap out of them, often in the exact manner he predicts leading up to the fight. Afterwards they admit he’s the real deal and usually sing his praises.

It’s a trend McGregor and his team have apparently noted too, as they’ve just put a video up on his YouTube channel called “Conor McGregor’s Opponents Before And After Beating Them” which shows you just how stark a contrast there is between all the fierce pre-fight trash talk and post-fight contrition.

Diego Brandao called Conor a clown. Dustin Poirier doubted he could fight half as good as he talked smack. Chad Mendes swore he’d embarrass McGregor. All three went down within two rounds. All three admitted they’d underestimated the Irish fighter’s ability. The only opponent that refused to say anything good about McGregor after their loss? Jose Aldo, who just got the UFC featherweight belt back after the promotion stripped it from Conor’s waist.

Maybe Aldo’s lack of respect will encourage McGregor to move back down in weight to fight him again. Or perhaps he’ll deny the Brazilian champion the opportunity to avenge his loss, which would probably upset Aldo more in the long run. While the behavior from Conor’s opponents have been pretty predictable, McGregor himself is not. It’s a huge mystery right now what will come next for the UFC superstar. Until then, at least we have entertaining videos like this from his YouTube channel.

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