Floyd Mayweather’s New Mansion Has A Massive Conor McGregor Mural In It

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Leading up to the massive boxing superfight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather earlier this year, Conor’s coaches got him a little (or rather, huge) present: a mural on the wall of his new training dojo. It featured McGregor dropping a massive overhand left right on Mayweather, contorting the boxing legend’s face and hurting him badly.

The massive piece of art was supposed to help Conor, a big believer in the laws of attraction, visualize and thus materialize a knockout over Floyd. Things didn’t quite work out that way, but McGregor did perform well leading up to a 10th round stoppage loss via TKO. He also raked in somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 million dollars off the fight.

Floyd Mayweather made even more: insiders estimate he earned over $250 million off the fight. One of the first things he did with that money (other than pay off back taxes, we hope) was buy a new mansion in Beverly Hills. A mansion needs art, and Floyd got his own display done featuring himself and Conor. Take a look:

What, were you expecting something disrespectful? The two just helped each other make nearly half a billion dollars together.

The artwork is by Tiffanie Anderson, who has done several pieces for Mayweather in the past following his big money fights. We imagine they rest in Floyd’s many other mansions across the world. This latest one is pretty fancy, though. Just take a look at some of the other photos and marvel at the opulence earning over a billion dollars in PPV income over a career can get you.

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Relaxing in the 90210.

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My wine cellar in my Beverly Hills castle.

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