The Infamous Pool Noodle Trainer Is Back As McGregor Prepares For Mayweather In A Weird New Video

Contributing Writer

Considering Conor McGregor is 0-0 in boxing going against 49-0 pound for pound great Floyd Mayweather, a lot of people are rightfully questioning whether their big fight on August 26th is a joke. And while I won’t try to change anyone’s opinions on that, I will admit that recent footage of the UFC lightweight champ working with his controversial ‘movement coach’ Ido Portal might push some people further towards the ‘It must be a joke’ camp.

Portal has been working with McGregor for years now, and videos of the two crab walking across the gym or dancing around pool noodles have been endless fodder for fans and fellow fighters alike as they questioned whether Conor was legit or not. Nate Diaz even ragged McGregor over it during a press conference, infamously referring to their training as “touch butt in the park.”

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