Conor McGregor Says Nate Diaz Is “One Tough Motherf*cker” In UFC 202 Post-Fight Press Conference

08.21.16 3 years ago

Ho. Lee. Sh*t.

After engaging in an all out war with Nate Diaz in the main event of UFC 202, a limping but “fine” Conor McGregor spoke with media members in the evening’s post-fight press conference to discuss what was the most difficult fight of his life, the probability of a potential trilogy match with Diaz, and what’s next for him.

In typical McGregor fashion, the Irishman was quick to congratulate Diaz on being tougher than two week old steak.

On that record-breaking payday that he was able to secure for both him and his opponent…

On when and where the trilogy fight with Diaz might possibly take place, McGregor was sure of one thing.

Nate Diaz, on the other hand, confirmed that he won’t be doing a motherf*ckin’ thing until he gets said trilogy match.

Makes sense if you’re Diaz — there ain’t any other fight out there that will get you even close to that big of a check. While Dana White rebuked the idea of immediately booking another rematch between McGregor and Diaz, one thinks he will probably consider when looking at the PPVnumbers tomorrow morning.

What a fight, what a night. More on this insanity as it develops…

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