Conor McGregor Shares His Prediction For The Nate Diaz Fight At UFC 196

Conor McGregor doesn’t just win his fights, he often wins them in exactly the way he predicted leading up to the event. It’s gotten to the point where he’s asked people to start calling him “Mystic Mac,” and the nickname has caught on. So what does Mystic Mac have for us leading up to his fight this weekend against Nate Diaz at UFC 196?

“He’s a hit and pull fighter, he hits and pulls, hits and pulls, and plods as well,” McGregor said. “I just think he’s too predictable in everything he does. He’s in a set pattern and he neglects other disciplines. And it’s hampered them, it’s hampered the Diaz brothers’ progression as martial artists. I feel his body will be ripped to shreds. It’s a soft frame.”

McGregor went so far as to call the type of strike to finish Diaz off.

“I feel the left uppercut will be a nice one, you know? The long range is an illusion. I feel my left uppercut will ping him clean.”

As for how long Conor feels Nate will last? McGregor addressed that at the press conference announcing the fight, declaring “End of the first, I feel he will be put away.”

We’ll see on March 5 whether Mystic Mac’s streak of correct predictions will continue.

(via MMA Worldwide)