Conor McGregor Wants Eddie Alvarez To ‘Beg Him’ For UFC 205 Superfight

From the moment that UFC 205 was first announced, it’s been an assumption among both MMA fans and media that Conor McGregor would be headlining the event in either a lightweight title match with Eddie Alvarez or possibly a trilogy-completing fight with Nate Diaz at a weight TBD (sorry, Jose). It’s Madison Square Garden, after all, and who better to cap off your inaugural trip to the Big Apple than the UFC’s king of pay-per-views?

But McGregor, ever the wrench-thrower in the UFC’s plans as of late, isn’t having it. Only a month removed from his epic war with Nate Diaz at UFC 202, the featherweight champion doesn’t exactly seem gung-ho about facing Alvarez at UFC 205 (despite the lightweight champ’s attempts to goad him into it), to the point that Dana White has already gone ahead and unofficially booked Alvarez against Dagestani grappler Khabib Nurmagomedov for the massive event.

Regardless, Alvarez is well-aware that a fight with McGregor would bring in the most eyeballs, and took to Twitter yesterday to inform him that “Your futures not bright enjoy this one while it last. #ItsAllOver.” Never one to back down from a callout (or at least let it go unnoticed), McGregor popped up on Twitter earlier today to offer a brief yet absolutely crushing response.

It would appear that McGregor is aware that Alvarez needs him a lot more than he needs Alvarez, and this message is the best way for him to get across that he is the one holding all the cards here. My tl;dr recap: Succinct, savage, 11/10 WOULD ABSOLUTELY RETWEET.

Meanwhile, Nurmagomedov is just quietly watching all of this drama unfold from the outside like that one friend who you never invite to parties.