Did Conor McGregor Just Announce His Retirement On Twitter?

conor mcgregor ufc 196
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Conor McGregor has always done things his own way, but if a retirement announcement that just went up on his Twitter account is legit, he’ll truly be one of the most enigmatic superstars to ever pass through the world of mixed martial arts. Here’s what he posted just a bit before noon on Tuesday:

As strange a tweet as it is, it’s in line with the kind of slang and verbiage used by the Notorious One in the past. And as of the writing of this post, it’s been three hours since the tweet and we’ve heard nothing from UFC headquarters or coaches associated with McGregor’s camp. You’d hope by now someone would have told us if this was a joke or a hack or something.

So what’s the deal? If it’s legit, why would Conor pull out of UFC 200 two months before what we have to imagine would be his biggest payday ever? In the past, there have been rumors that McGregor and UFC execs have butted heads, with McGregor demanding the kind of money split reserved for boxers like Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Is this some sort of power play leading up to UFC 200 to put much, much more money in his pocket?

Or, as we speculate, is it just another Twitter hack or maybe even a goof by Conor himself?

We’ll find out soon. His post has already received over 23,000 retweets, so eventually it should catch the attention of someone capable of filling the public in on the situation.

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