Conor McGregor Announced His Retirement From ‘Mixed Martial Art’ On Twitter

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Conor McGregor is currently serving a 6-month ban for his role in a brawl after his loss to Khabib Nurgamedov at UFC 229 back in October.

He’s eligible to return to fight in April, but has been insistent that he won’t return to the Octagon unless UFC meets his demands of giving him stake in the company. It’s not the first time he’s threatened this and many wonder whether he has much in the way of leverage given his recent results, but there’s no doubt that the controversial Irish star moves the needle more than anyone else in the company.

On Monday night, McGregor decided to raise the stakes and announce his retirement from “the sport formally known as Mixed Martial Art” on Twitter.

There is, understandably, plenty of skepticism about the legitimacy of this announcement, and McGregor certainly left himself an easy out by calling it Mixed Martial Art instead of Mixed Martial Arts, so this could very well be a swerve on his part. That said, if it is real it’s the end of one of the greatest MMA careers as McGregor was the first UFC fighter to be a champion in two weight classes simultaneously and at his peak was as electric as any fighter that’s ever stepped foot in the Octagon.

We’ll have to wait to see if this “retirement” sticks, but for now he says he’s going to kick back and enjoy some beverages.