Conor McGregor Had A Shirtless Face Off With Billionaire Richard Branson For Some Reason


As the clock continues to tick on the amount of time Conor McGregor has spent not defending his lightweight title (434 days as of now), people seem to be getting a bit tired of his shtick. Cries of “Defend or vacate!” ring from Twitter, and even the UFC has stepped in with a vague threat of stripping McGregor if he’s not ready to defend the belt by the middle of 2018.

But when you’re as rich as Conor McGregor, all that noise just rolls off your back. The double champ does what he wants, and this week he’s spent his time renting out an entire amusement park for his friends and family and attending the Pendulum Summit in Dublin. That’s one of those swanky business leader summits, and McGregor was there to receive “some award.”

We’re just as uninterested as he was in the nature of the accolade (McGregor seems happy to show up no matter how fluff the award may be) … what we’re here to talk about is how billionaire Virgin Group owner Richard Branson stripped off his shirt and had a spontaneous face off with the UFC champ.

Who knows what that was about, but Richard Branson could give McGregor a master class in being a rich oddball, so I guess it’s really just par for the course. One lesson we’d really like for him to impart: strike while the iron is hot, or get back in the damn cage and fight! That hundred million isn’t going to turn itself into a billion on its own, my friend.

(via The Mac Life)