Conor McGregor Is Building A ‘Secret Dojo’ To Train For The Floyd Mayweather Fight

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While there’s still no contract signed or date settled on for the long rumored Conor McGregor versus Floyd Mayweather boxing superfight, everyone is currently moving forward like it’s definitely going to happen. That’s the opinion of UFC president Dana White, and it certainly seems to be the opinion of Conor McGregor, who isn’t just training for the fight already … he’s building a ‘secret dojo’ dedicated to figuring Mayweather out.

“Right now he’s doing base level cardio training so that when I get back we can go into specific training,” Conor’s head coach John Kavanagh said during a promotional tour for his new book in Australia. “We have a ‘secret dojo’ set up with a championship-level boxing ring that will exactly mirror the situation when it happens … We’re going to make it into kind of a stadium with a full-sized boxing ring. We’ll have weekly or biweekly sparring sessions where we invite people in to make it feel like a fight and bring in different sparring partners.”

Secret dojo? Cool! On top of a mountain? It’s a mountain isn’t it? Bonus points if it’s a volcanic one in Iceland or something.

“Where my gym is, the guy who owns my gym, owns the entire estate, and there’s a building — I’m kinda giving away a secret here — there’s a building at the back and he’s just going to give it to me until the fight is on. So we’re getting that kitted out.”

Well that’s slightly less exciting. That’s the sort of loose lips that caused everyone so much trouble in the Doctor Strange movie. Come on, Kavanagh. It’s like the first rule of secret dojos: You don’t talk about the secret dojo. On the plus side, maybe now that the secret isn’t so secret any more, McGregor will take us up on our volcano hideout idea. We won’t tell nobody.

(via The Sun)