Conor McGregor Is Reportedly Being Investigated For Sexual Assault In Ireland

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Conor McGregor announced his retirement from MMA on Twitter late Monday night, but few expected that to be much more than a leverage play on UFC as he negotiates a new deal for a return fight after he’s cleared to return from a six-month suspension in April.

On Tuesday, a report from the New York Times indicates McGregor is being investigated by Irish police over an allegation of sexual assault of a woman at the Beacon Hotel in Dublin from December. As the Times notes, outlets in Ireland are not allowed to publish McGregor’s name as being linked to the investigation due to laws in the country prohibiting media outlets from reporting names of those being charged with rape unless convicted, which is why this has yet to be made a major story. Instead, he is referred to as an “unnamed sportsman.”

According to the Times, McGregor was arrested and met with law enforcement in January before being released pending the rest of the investigation, with no formal charges being filed. Police also reportedly have evidence and security footage from the hotel on the night in question that they are reviewing.

When asked by the Times about the allegations, McGregor’s publicist would only say, “We don’t comment on rumors.”

This is far from the first time McGregor has found himself in potential legal trouble, but if found to be true by the authorities, it would be the most severe and serious charges McGregor has faced. He was arrested in New York after throwing objects at a bus full of UFC fighters more than a year ago, and most recently was arrested in Miami Beach for allegedly breaking a fan’s phone for taking photos outside a night club.