Conor McGregor Tells TMZ Reporter To ‘Shut The F*ck Up’

02.26.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

For a long time, it seemed like famous people and TMZ reporters were fated to be eternal enemies. But as the celebrity news site grew to become one of the biggest operations on the Internet, an uneasy truce developed. TMZ cameramen largely stopped getting in celebs’ faces while yelling offensive questions. In return, many actors and athletes started treating them more like actual reporters instead of paparazzi.

But as far as UFC fighter Conor McGregor was concerned, that unspoken pact was broken earlier this week by TMZ cameraman Charlie Cotton, who asked McGregor if the ‘cholo’ insult he threw at Nate Diaz during their press conference was racially motivated.

McGregor, who wasn’t exactly warm to Cotton’s initial questions, got visibly upset and lashed out at the TMZ reporter.

“Mate, shut the f*ck up and get away, will ya? Rememba that Jesus sh*t you brought up? Such a stupid question. You’re an idiot.”

It turns out this wasn’t the first interaction the two men have had with each other. Back in December of 2015, Cotton asked McGregor if he could beat Jesus in a cagematch.

“Me versus Jesus in the Octagon?” McGregor said at the time, obviously reaching for an answer. “I tell you what, there’s not a man alive that can beat me … but Jesus ain’t alive, so I don’t f*cking know. Maybe he can come back from the dead, I don’t know. I’d still whoop his ass.”

Headlines about McGregor whooping Jesus’ ass quickly spread across the Internet like wildfire, with many religious people taking serious offense to McGregor’s quote. The backlash seems to have gotten to the typically unrepentant Irishman. His response to Cotton’s ‘cholo’ question has the sound of someone who thinks they’re being set up for another round of character assassination.

We’re a week away from Conor McGregor’s fight against late replacement Nate Diaz on March 5. While TMZ’s Charlie Cotton may not be making it to future fight week events, you can rest assured others will follow up on the ‘cholo’ question. I’m sure TMZ doesn’t mind … they got a nice exclusive out of the situation already.

(via TMZ)

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