Conor McGregor Trashed A Hotel Room And Left It Full Of Nitrous Canisters

Contributing Writer
04.17.17 4 Comments

Conor McGregor spent the last week travelling around Liverpool causing havoc wherever he went. The UFC lightweight champion’s epic craic involved showing up at the Grand National races at Aintree shirtless and walking away with over $40,000 cash in winnings bets. From there he turned up at a random house party where grainy footage of him high up in a treehouse had people speculating about drug use.

Now we’re learning that McGregor left his Aintree hotel suite completely destroyed, and photos of the damage show the room littered in liquor bottles and nitrous oxide canisters. Nitrous, also known as whippets, giggle gas, and hippie crack, is known to cause euphoria and hallucinations for about 30 seconds after inhaling. That leads to some people going through dozens of NO2 cartridges, which is what the folks in Conor McGregor’s room seemed to have done.

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