Watch Conor McGregor Spar Hard Against Much Bigger Men Ahead Of UFC 205

10.30.16 1 year ago

With less than two weeks to go until the UFC makes its debut in New York City and Conor McGregor tries to make history as the first man to hold belts in two UFC weight classes at the same time, Mystic Mac is sparring hard. The bonafide MMA superstar has made his hard training a

His balls to the wall training is paying dividends, no doubt. He outpaced Nate Diaz, which is downright impossible to do, and now he’s fighting Eddie Alvarez who is known to have a bottomless gas tank. But according to McGregor, this doesn’t matter. He’s sparring 185-pound men and going relatively hard. Iron sharpens iron after all.

“I don’t think he’s going to last anywhere near the 5th round. If he does, he’ll never fight again. If he does, I’ll take my hat off to his heart. But he’ll never ever ever be the same again. If he can make it to the 5th, that’s when I take off. I’m sprinting in the 5th. I’m ready”

Of course, we can’t make it through the video without one eyebrow-raising moment. Conor has a tendency to form storylines in his favor, and he cites his Diaz win as outlasting a tri-athlete over 5 rounds, which is true. But, says that tri-athlete (Diaz) had 30 pounds on him. They weighed in one pound apart and the divisions are 145 and 170, not 145 and 170. Oh, Conor. You’re the best at this fight game stuff.

(Via The Mac Life)

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