Conor McGregor Sees No Reason Why He Can’t Defend Two UFC Belts At Once

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Conor McGregor has gone back and forth a bit on whether he’d vacate one of his two belts should he beat current lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez on Saturday. That’s by no means a certainty, but of course McGregor considers it inevitable. He wouldn’t mind, though, if people concentrated a little more on the upcoming fight than what will happen afterwards.

“Vacate? I don’t know, we’ll see about that,” McGregor said during a UFC 205 conference call. “Why not defend them both? I fight every week. I only fought last week. So, I can defend them both.”

“Everyone is talking about after,” he complained. “‘We’ve got to take that belt off of him, we’ve got to get back to Vegas!’ Let’s just enjoy this historic moment for what it is. So that’s what I’m doing, I’m looking to enjoy this whole experience and I’m very confident in my preparation, very confident in my opponent that I’m facing, so I’m looking to just enjoy this whole process.”

While UFC president Dana White has been pretty steadfast in his position that McGregor would have to vacate one of his belts, the UFC was willing to at least play along. They included Conor’s comments about defending boths belts in a UFC 205 promo aired during their last event.

And it’s not like McGregor doesn’t have a point. He’s one of the most active fighters on the roster, and it hasn’t even been a year since he took the featherweight belt off Jose Aldo. If he’s willing to continue fighting every 3-4 months, why not let him keep both belts?

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