Conor McGregor Declares He Sees Weakness In All His Potential UFC Opponents

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We’re only two weeks into 2018 but already MMA fans are freaking out over what Conor McGregor’s plans are for the year. Will he box again? Return to MMA? Sit on the sidelines with all his money, only battling it out with people on Twitter? Nothing has been announced, and that’s got a lot of people (the UFC included) antsy about the lightweight champion’s future.

But for all the shows of wealth and extravagance we’ve been seeing on McGregor’s social media feeds, there’s also been a lot of promising gym photos mixed in as well. According to McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh, he’s training almost every day at Straight Blast Gym. And now he’s posted up what sounds like a direct message to all those doubting he can beat the current crop of lightweight challengers in Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

“Fighting pure is a different gravy,” McGregor wrote. “Looking at the landscape of my current opponents, everyone of them have truly weak areas in the overall picture of fighting. You cannot test me in a straight fight. Nobody on this earth can. Trust me.”

He finished off the post with “I am not just the greatest at this. I am the double greatest!”

That certainly doesn’t sound like someone who isn’t going to return to the UFC in 2018. Or like someone who’s afraid of facing Khabib Nurmagomedov, whose last fight at UFC 219 was so dominating it prompted the internet to pump out endless memes of McGregor running or retiring from the Russian sambo champ. But talk is cheap and Instagram chatter even more so. We’re not going to get too excited until McGregor signs on the dotted line to return to the Octagon.

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