A Cop Helped Save A Man’s Life By Talking To Him About Football

Prepare to have your mind blown: What follows is a positive story about law enforcement and football.

Early Saturday morning, a police officer in Columbia, S.C., encountered a man sitting on a bridge, crying. Fearing he may attempt suicide, Master Patrol Officer Michael Blackmore used a little college football and NFL talk to help coax the man off the guardrail, according to The State.

“I have bad nights, too, sometimes,” Blackmore told him.

As they talked, Blackmore made his way closer. The two began to talk football.

“I just wanted to get his mind off of what was bothering him,” Blackmore told The State in an interview Thursday.

He found out the man was a fan of the Washington Redskins and the University of South Carolina Gamecocks.

“You’re just having a bad night tonight,” Blackmore told him. “But tomorrow night, when you’re sitting around and you’re watching the Gamecocks – or on Sunday when you’re watching the Redskins play or whatever – you’ll look back (like), ‘Man, what was I thinking Friday night?’ You’re just having a bad night.”

After assurances he wouldn’t be arrested, the man came off the bridge and received medical attention. So there it is, a heart-warming story about the NFL and police.

(Via The State)