Two Cops Got Into A Fight, And We’re Here To Judge The Bout

Cop fight! And it’s a good one. Two rounds.

Here are the particulars from WDRB:

It happened Feb. 8 inside the Hardin County Detention Center. According to Hardin County Jailer Danny Allen, Deputy Jailer Joseph Funk and Deputy Sheriff C. Smith had a confrontation while booking an inmate.

Allen says Funk and Smith “appeared to have words over the placement of a backpack that Officer Smith brought in, of an inmate’s property,” Allen said.

The argument escalated into a physical confrontation. It ended with Funk being arrested and charged with assault, resisting arrest and menacing.

Let’s score the two-round bout.

I’m giving the first round to Funk. Smith does the smart thing against the rangy opponent and gets inside, but Funk’s brute strength allows him to take control of the bout.

Round two is when Funk loses the overall bout. He’s standing in the corner, the spitfire that is Smith in his face, and he’s got his hands behind his back in a, “Hey, I don’t want to fight” pose. Too late, Funk. You already came out from behind the cage. You already went one round. You need to be ready for round two. Smith gets the take down and the win.

Maybe that’s how they decide who gets arrested? Either way, solid bout, I’d pay for the rematch.


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