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I am currently finishing up a guest installment of Warming Glow’s Corgi Friday, so these links will be a little less wordy than usual. That’s probably for the best, isn’t it? We’ve got a lot of cool stuff on our network, so take your time and check it all out. Then, come back to Warming Glow and look at the pictures I took at a corgi party in Austin. THEN, go to the With Leather main page and hit refresh non-stop until it’s time for you to go to bed.


Works Of Art: Rap’s 33 Most Memorable Illustrated Album Covers [Smoking Section]

The NPH Venn Diagram [UPROXX]

Frotcast 72: Lindy West LIVE IN STUDIO! [Film Drunk]

5 Reasons Most Studies About Violent Video Games are B.S. [Gamma Squad]

‘Top Chef: Dads’ Is Hilarious [Warming Glow]

People Of Detroit Rise Up To Protest Any And All Association With Nickelback [UPROXX]

Comedian Suing Kim Kardashian Offers Perfect Opportunity To Post More Amazing Kardashian Gifs [UPROXX]

Marky Mark’s Wahlburgers: A FilmDrunkard’s Review [Film Drunk]

Something Something Alison Brie [Warming Glow]

Can’t Stay Away: Allen Iverson Wants Another Shot At The NBA [Smoking Section]

Kate Beckinsale In A Leather Catsuit Again? If You Insist. [Gamma Squad]

If Cormac McCarthy Wrote Yelp Reviews [Buzzfeed]

Ten Best Robot Chicken Sex Moments [Adult Swim]

10 Worst Music Tattoos Ever [Popcrush]

Judge orders Lindsay Lohan to finish her Playboy photo shoot before reporting to jail to begin her 30 day sentence [FARK]

Is ‘Tower Heist’ the Sarlacc Pit of Plot Inconsistencies? (And 24 Other Urgent Questions) [Moviefone]

Nine Athletes Who Excelled at Being Average [The Smoking Jacket]

5 Actors I Want to See Succeed No Matter How Much the Rest of the World’s Cynics Despise Them [Pajiba]

A Halo Sniper Rifle Replica Rendered in Legos [Unreality]

The Guy Fawkes Bandana [High Definite]

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