UFC Is Not Homoerotic, Now Has Its Own 'Official Nut Sack'

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11.21.12 7 Comments

Recently, CBS Sports analyst and GREAT DAD Seth Davis came under fire when he said he wouldn’t want his kids watching mixed martial arts because (and I’m paraphrasing here) two men are near each other and that means gay. From his Twitter:

“Looking on news sites showing picture of two muscular bloody men in homoerotic fighting pose….Sorry, I’ll never get this UFC thing.”

“Maybe I’m a prude on this but I’m also a dad. I don’t mind my sons watching boxing, but I wouldn’t want them watching a UFC bout.”

Corn Nuts UFCDavis quickly realized that he wanted to keep his job his mistake and apologized for the offending tweets, but the always progressive UFC was reading, and took it to heart.

Since Seth Davis’ Gay Kids-Gate, UFC President Dana White has worked tirelessly to clear up any worries about homoeroticism in man-on-man combat, making sure all fighters wear full, baggy bodysuits and only touch each other with fully extended arms and legs. He’s also named Corn Nuts the “official nut sack” of Ultimate Fighting and makes sure the announcer tells everybody about their nut sacks before a fight. Okay, one of those two sentences is true. Corn Nuts! They’re corn, all the way to the core. THE CORE OF YOU.

I hope Mr. Davis enjoyed this clip. More importantly, I hope Mr. Davis enjoys the great taste of Corn Nuts.

[h/t to Cage Potato]

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