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Cornell, a basketball program with no merit-based scholarships where their players actually have to go to class, have advanced to the round of 16 in the NCAA tournament. The Big Red knocked off Wisconsin (otherwise ruining a solid day for the Big Ten) and also helped defecate on the Big East with their win over beat Temple before that. Not bad for a team that took its mascot name off a pack of gum.

“I couldn’t imagine that we could play that well,” admitted [head coach Steve] Donahue, who will be receiving a lot of phone calls about job openings while he gets ready for Kentucky. “We had great confidence and great awareness and we just played great basketball.” –Staten Island Live

Cornell, who starts four seniors, stands as the antithesis of Kenntucky, whose young, blue-chip players have struggled in close games this season. Could Cornell knock off another talented team and shock the world again? And is this a banana in my pocket or am I just happy to see more white guys in the tournament? No, actually this is a banana. Thank God, I’m starving. And Temple sucks anyway.

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