Another Cornerman Had To Jump The Cage To Save His Fighter From A Terrible Referee

09.28.17 6 months ago


2017 seems to be a year full of ugly new trends, so why not one more: cornermen being forced to jump into the cage to save their MMA fighters from clueless referees. It happened once already near the start of the year in India, and now it’s happened again in Brazil where the whole situation nearly devolved into an ugly brawl.

Silmar ‘Sombra’ Nunes and Caio Silva were featured as the headlining bout at Capanema Fight Combat on September 23rd, and everything went horribly wrong when Nunes caught Silva in a guillotine choke that left him unconscious within seconds. But for some reason the referee didn’t stop the fight, even after lifting and dropping Silva’s limp arm.

Enter Silva’s cornerman and brother, who is also a fighter. He jumped the cage to stop the fight, but took things even further by attacking Nunes and setting off a mini riot in the cage with other coaches and corners jumping in to pull everyone apart.

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