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Congratulations to Martin Brodeur, who set the NHL’s all-time wins total earlier this month. And congratulations to Melanie DuBois, who cleaned out her ex-husband in New Jersey alimony proceedings.

The court ruled that Brodeur must pay his ex-wife $500,000 a year until 2020.

Brodeur appealed, asking that he be required to pay alimony only until he retires, which he estimated would be in 2012. Brodeur’s ex-wife, Melanie DuBois, had asked for alimony payments until 2024, when their youngest child is anticipated to graduate from college.

A lower court originally awarded DuBois permanent alimony.

In addition to alimony, DuBois was awarded $132,000 in annual child support and more than $9 million in other assets.

If a tie is like kissing your sister, is doing your sister-in-law like winning a game via shootout? Or is it like scoring a hat trick, and then getting assaulted and robbed in the arena parking lot after the game. Where’s my sports metaphors almanac. I guess that’s technically a simile, isn’t it? Stupid inner Ufford.

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