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So after South Carolina beat Kentucky Tuesday night, the student body at the Columbia, SC school stormed the floor, getting their program a $25,000 fine from the Southeastern Conference. I don’t get it; suddenly the SEC doesn’t want its students showing off their great team speed?

The league levied a fine of $25,000 because the school was guilty of a second violation of the rule, which prohibits fans from entering the playing area during or immediately after a game.

“This policy is designed to create a safe environment for everyone who participates and attends our athletic contests,” said SEC commissioner Mike Slive in a statement. “The security and protection of our student-athletes, coaches, officials and fans is our primary concern.” –Sports Network.

People in the media love to bitch about college students running onto the court after a win, and most of the time that just comes off as hot air, even though Indiana doing so after beating Minnesota seems a bit much. But if you knock off the No. 1 team in the polls or a big rival at home, shouldn’t there be some kind of exemption from public sanction? A fine for that is ridiculous, but you have to admire their gall. The Big Ten only would have fined them $15,000.

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