The Internet Roasted The Cowboys Player Who Got A Potato Chip Tattoo On His Shoulder

04.21.17 12 months ago 3 Comments

Athletes love to tell you that they’re playing with a chip on their shoulder, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone take that saying as seriously as Cowboys cornerback Anthony Brown. On Friday, Brown briefly posted a picture to Instagram of his latest tattoo, which is quite literally a potato chip, like a Ruffle, on his shoulder.

I understand what he’s trying to do here, I really do, but man this is not a good tattoo. The post is no longer on Instagram, probably because he was getting unceremoniously roasted by people on social media. Unfortunately, you can take a post down, but it — like that tattoo — will live forever because the internet has screenshots and never forgets. At least Brown had a good laugh about the whole thing on Twitter.

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