This Horrifying Video Shows A Cowboys Fan Attacking Women During A Parking Lot Brawl

A situation arose at Sunday’s Cowboys-Redskins game which led to a male Dallas fan attacking a female Washington fan. A dazed woman in a Redskins jersey stumbled into an open area of a parking lot. While one man tries to help her get into a car, another man in a white Cowboys No. 33 jersey kicks her and throws her to the ground.

A group of fans tried to restrain him, which led to him throwing punches to get himself freed. Another woman in Washington apparel came to yell at the man, but he ended up trying to grab and punch the woman before others intervened. Eventually, the man was pulled away from the second woman, a group of fans ganged up on him, and a brawl appears to have broken out. The first woman appears to have been picked up off of the ground and moved away from the altercation, while the second woman had to be restrained and pointed to her lip to show that she caught a punch.

Outside of this video, there aren’t any details about what happened to cause this incident. This wasn’t the only NFL brawl of the weekend, as two Raiders fans got into it in Oakland on Sunday. No matter what, hopefully the dude who struck these two women is harshly reprimanded for his actions.

(Via Deadspin, h/t BroBible)