The Cowboys Aren’t Placing Tony Romo On Injured Reserve Just Yet

Considering how disastrous the Dallas Cowboys’ season went last year after Tony Romo went down with an injury, it is understandable that they want to have him for as many games as possible this season. The problem is that Romo is hurt again, having suffered a broken bone in his back this preseason. Romo also suffered a back injury in 2014, and he only missed one game, but this injury is different. The timetable is six to 10 weeks, which leaves the Cowboys in a tricky spot. Should they put him on the injured reserve list/designated to return? Right now, they aren’t sure.

The Cowboys have to wait to make their final cuts to get their roster down to 53, at which point they have to make a decision on Romo. If they put him on injured reserve/designated to return, then he will have to miss their first eight weeks. They will also get an extra roster spot, though. However, if he is able to return after six weeks, then he will be able to play in two more games. With how bad the Cowboys looked without Romo last season, it is understandable if Dallas wants to have him for as many games as possible. Dak Prescott has looked promising this preseason, but he’s still a rookie fourth-round pick.

The problem is that the prognosis for Romo is leaning toward the eight to 10 week range. They could hold out hope for Romo to return sooner, not put him on injured reserve, and then get nothing for it. Or they can just give in and put him on injured reserve and not have him for eight weeks at least. Either way, the Cowboys are in trouble.

(Via Star-Telegram)