Coyotes Goalie Mike Smith's Butt Scored A Goal On Mike Smith

Phoenix Coyotes goalie Mike Smith just became the Mark Sanchez of hockey.

Back in November of 2012, New York Jets “quarterback” Mark Sanchez executed one of the most infamous plays in football history. He took the snap and ran face-first into one of his teammates’ asses, causing him to helplessly fumble and become forever synononymous with the term BUTT FUMBLE, two words that’ll follow him to his grave.

Mike Smith’s butt fumble happened on Monday during an overtime between the Coyotes and the Buffalo Sabres. The puck goes into the air and lands in the back of his pants, so he seriously just skates ass-first into the goal and scores on himself. The Coyotes lose the game 2-1. It’s basically a scene they wrote for Goldberg in The Mighty Ducks to show that he was terrible at the position, but cut because it was too unrealistic.

Butt Fumble, meet your cousin: BUTT GOAL.