Lions Running Back Craig Reynolds Scored A Touchdown After Introducing Himself To His Teammates In The Huddle

There are plenty of things that Craig Reynolds will try to remember about Friday night’s preseason game between the Detroit Lions and the Buffalo Bills. The list of things include the touchdown he scored in the fourth quarter, and also, the names of his various teammates who he met on the fly.

Reynolds, who joined the Lions as a free agent on Thursday, took a handoff from David Blough in the game’s fourth quarter and made something happen, planting his foot in the ground when his apparent running lane was taken away, making one cut, and taking off. His 24-yard scamper saw the 25-year-old former standout at Kutztown University run past some defenders and dive for the end zone.

Pretty good! All the more surprising is the circumstances under which this touchdown came, as Reynolds was still in the process of learning who everyone else was in Detroit.

“I introduced myself in the huddle at one point. They were like, ‘Yo, what’s your name?'” Reynolds said, per ESPN. “A couple coaches introduced themselves to me on the sideline during the game. It’s definitely crazy, but they’ve just made it real easy. I’ve been comfortable being here.”

Lions starting quarterback Jared Goff is still on the to-do list — “I don’t know if I’ve met [Reynolds] yet; I think he got here last night,” Goff said after the game. “I know that sounds horrible, but he got here last night and I think we saw him today; I probably met him before the game. He did a great job. It was fun to watch.” Perhaps once Reynolds ends up meeting everyone else on the team he’ll go on to having a gigantic season in Detroit.