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It's good to know women are as credulous as me when it comes to Internet dating, even with sites as rife with fraud as Craigslist personals. What's that? You're 36-24-37, "down with 420" and don't need a guy with a lot of drive? The only catch is that you're a prostitute? And the picture on your ad is obviously from a porn site? Let's hook it up! Anyway, some underly skeptical woman waited months before bothering to so much as Google a guy she met on the site. She's now shocked to discover the man, posing as a NBA front-office employee and former player, is a wee bit full o' the shite.

For months, a Boston-area woman thought she was dating a Sonics front-office employee and former NBA player named Jeff Turner, a handsome, 6-foot-8 40-something who was polite, compassionate and respectful. She thought she had scored a figurative slam-dunk in the Internet dating game.

But when the man she was falling for suddenly left his Somerville, Mass., home and stayed away for three weeks, the woman became suspicious. A Google search helped her discover that this man was not Jeff Turner, but a habitual impostor who had been posing as a Sonics employee for the past several months.

A habitual impostor? No wonder he's adopted such a cavalier attitude towards the femmes.

“This wasn’t meant to be (anything negative) toward the Sonics,” said Craven, who said he has three daughters, is separated from his wife and works in property management. “People get lied to all the time. Did I do anything illegal against the Sonics? No. Did I go out and represent the Sonics in any fashion? I’m not actually proposing that I did that. Did I do this for the broad? Yes.”

If you're committing deception and fucking people over, I suppose there's no better organization to pretend to be employed by than the Sonics. Hell, he's more honest than Clay Bennett. Maybe that's why he's trying to disassociate himself from the Sonics – he's too honest for them. 


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