Watch A Crazy Person Do A Blind Backflip Over A Speeding Race Car

Doing a backflip is hard. Doing a backflip over a speeding race car is about 10,000 times more difficult. But doing a backflip over a speeding race while not facing the car — that is on a whole different level.

Somehow, stuntman Damien Walters was able to pull off that feat without breaking his neck when he attempted the impressive stunt in Mexico City last month in what was called the “Leap of Faith.”



Walters didn’t just up and do it on the first try though, as the timing had to be absolutely perfect. He and his stunt driver of the Formula E car, Alistiar Whitton, practiced beforehand with the car driving adjacent to Walters as he tried to initiate his leap at the exact right time with the car moving at 60 mph. Obviously, there was virtually no room for error for Walters,  since if he jumped too early he would clip the back of the car, and if he jumped too late, well… he would get run over.

In addition to the video of the making of Walter’s incredible jump, Formula E also provided a 360-degree POV of Whitton inside the car as he made the dangerous drive toward Walters.

A completely unnecessary stunt, but an incredible one nonetheless.

(Via The Verge)