Creed, Marlins Find New Way To Suck

04.15.10 9 years ago 6 Comments

Chalk this up to “Crap That I Don’t Really Find Amusing But Post Anyway So People Stop Sending It To Me.” Scott Stapp, frontman for the recording group Creed [not pictured] put together a song for the Florida Marlins, and it’s just bad. Not even like Unintentionally Funny bad, or even Fairly Close To Ironic bad. It blows in a bland, un-redeeming way, although the Own Name On Back Of The Jersey was a nice touch and, arguably, less tacky than incessant title case.

I can’t tell if that’s actually Creed behind him, but I don’t really care. This vid does nothing for me. But sincerely, thanks to everyone that sent this in. Hey, sometimes I’m wrong about stuff, and so I count on you, dear Leather-heads, to set me straight. Enjoy your post by popular demand after the jump.

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