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Cricket fans in the West Indies didn't particularly enjoy their team's 84-run loss to Australia, littering the field with bottles and turning their anger on — No!  No, don't do it!  Not the fried chicken van!

In addition to a bottle-throwing incident, a mini-riot erupted in between innings when more than a thousand spectators broke down a fence to loot a utility vehicle packed with fried chicken. Several people were knocked to the ground in the crush, and the driver of the van was accosted by several angry youths.

The West Indies gets a good rap because of all the nice resorts, but you step off the white sand beaches and the place is straight gangsta.  Tourism officials recommend that visitors to the islands keep their fried chicken in a sock or a hidden passport belt, and NEVER go out alone at night with a bucket of the Colonel's original recipe.

[The Sporting Blog]

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