03.24.07 11 years ago

In the Cricket World Cup today, Sri Lanka defeated India by 69 runs eliminating the favored Subcontinent cricketers from contention.  Indian leaders quickly exhorted their nation not to overreact:

Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi Saturday appealed to cricket lovers across India to exercise restraint following a nationwide disappointment over Team India's dismal loss to Sri Lanka in the World Cup.

Surely, a nation largely consisting of peaceful Hindus can be trusted to exercise restraint:

Thousands of angry cricket fans burnt effigies of Team India members and their Australian coach Greg Chappell in several places across Orissa Saturday following the squad's miserable loss to Sri Lanka in a World Cup tie.

Perhaps not.  Indian fans also protested outside a cricket selector's house in Hyderabad by burning him in effigy.  (We are severely lacking in effigy burnings in this country, let's work on that.)  I'm relieved that avid cricket fanatics direct their angst and displeasure toward their own nations and teams.  Let's hope this remains the trend because India may challenge Pakistan on the pitch sometime in the future.   And the Kashmir dispute is still in question.  And the match doesn't end in a tie.  That could be bad. -KD    

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