Multiple Witnesses Are Saying Women’s MMA GOAT Cris Cyborg Knocked Out Angela Magana’s Tooth At The UFC Retreat

Cris Cyborg isn’t having a good time at the UFC retreat. The event, which was meant as a sort of meet and great for the new UFC owners and their hundreds of fighters under contract was supposed to be a good time. They would show off the new Las Vegas UFC headquarters, talk business, and get a better idea of where the company is going. For Cyborg, though, it seems like it’s been a nightmare.

Not only was her picture absent from the roster list, she also brawled with UFC strawweight Angela Magana and reportedly knocked out her tooth, according to multiple eyewitness accounts. Supposedly, Cyborg addressed multiple completely uncalled for tweets by Magana, and the strawweight twerker doubled down for some reason, which led to her getting punched.

Cyborg was already pissed because of this:

It seemed like this painful omission by the UFC, which has a history of disrespect towards Cyborg, plus Magana’s nasty tweets towards Cyborg, led to Cyborg going over the edge and Magana getting one right in the kisser. Here’s one of those tweets:

Bec Rawlings, of course, is there to capitalize:

Since the vast majority of attendees to the event are fighters and UFC employees, information regarding the incident is slow to trickle out, but it looks like the police are involved. Not good. Here are a few second-hand reports from journalists who heard from fighters at the event:

Here’s a tweet from Cyborg’s account, which is run by her boyfriend:

As long as she isn’t punished by the UFC for this ridiculousness, Cyborg is angling for either a UFC featherweight title shot against champion Germaine de Randamie, who may retire/get hand surgery/do whatever it takes to not fight Cyborg, or fight Invicta FC featherweight champ Megan Anderson, who now holds the title after Cyborg dropped the belt in a hope to take the UFC title. What a mess. Here’s this, for what it’s worth.

Simpler times.